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Develop Talents and Explore New Passions

Your education goes well beyond your coursework. Extracurricular activities can form a vital part of your experience here at CEP, creating unique opportunities for friendship and learning. When you participate in co-curricular activities at CEP you will discover new interests, meet new people, and enhance the educational experiences you have at the college. Browse through the activities on this page or find the one you're interested in for getting activity points as part of the KTU curriculum.


As a part of the students union, the college has a sports Secretary and his team working in association with the department of Physical Education which is focused on sports, organising several sporting events throughout the year. CEP’s sports teams and activities include a football, Cricket, basketball and a volleyball team which practise on a daily basis and participate in Intercollegiate and intramural matches along with University matches.

Sports Day-Dhruv

CEP’s annual sports day DHRUV is one of the largest intra-college sports events, with more than 550 students competing regularly in over 25 sports events, however it is not just high-level sport that we want to promote. College sport aims to provide opportunities for everyone to participate at any level of their sport. The day begins with marathon to individual events, concluding with the team relays.


The aims of our Arts and cultural activities are firmly rooted in educational value – to educate our pupils in the best attitudes to the co-curricular opportunities available to them, especially by offering them artistic opportunities of the highest order, and to involve and engage with the broader community, by promoting access to events of cultural significance.

College Union Day

As a part of the new students union inauguration a college union day is conducted every year. At this fest we bring together music, brands and college students to create unforgettable experiences.

Arts fest-NAHASRA

The CEP’s Arts Festival has been operating continuously since 2000 and continues to reflect the importance the College places upon the arts. The Arts Festival will focus on our students, to showcase and celebrate their talents in Visual Art, Performing Arts and Design & Technology with the assistance of College Arts Club. Music Band The Campus Band includes approximately 30 musicians and provides playing experiences for students who want to improve their skills on secondary instruments. The mission of the Campus Band is to create maximum enjoyment with limited performance demands. They participate in various inter and intra college events throughout the year.


Technical Fest is a platform for students to learn, experience and connect with the latest technologies and meet experts and mentors from diverse industries. TECHFEST -is a mega technological event for promoting technological innovations and inventions from the Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutions in Kerala State. TECHFEST will be an opportunity for all the talented engineering students to present and exhibit their inventions and also to discuss various innovative ideas and concepts. Since its inception the college has organised three Tec fests so far.


Advyka-18 was the annual technical fest of CEP and has become one of the biggest technical fest of Kerala. The last edition attracted participants from over 75 institutes from across the country, thus making it the largest technical fest of Kollam and Kerala. Aimed at providing a platform for showcasing the best and the latest innovations in the world of technology, various events such as robotics, circuit designing, programming, presentations, workshops, open houses, exhibition etc. gives the students to showcase their talent and their practical skills to use. The event also boasts of a plethora of lectures by some of the biggest names in the field. Entirely managed by students, ADVYKA provides opportunities for aspiring scientists and managers alike.