CSE Faculties & Staff
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CSE Faculty Members

Sl No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Contact No. E-Mail
1 Sri. Bejoy Abraham Associate Professor M.Tech, PhD* 9847830442 bjoyabraham@gmail.com
2 Dr. Mohamed Mubarak.T Associate Professor M.Tech, PhD 7907987791 mubarak.fma@gmail.com
3 Sri. Ajish.S Assistant Professor M.Tech, PhD* 9447789825 ajishs2014@gmail.com
4 Dr. Soumya.T Assistant Professor M.Tech, PhD 9446178245 tsoumyabaiju@gmail.com
5 Smt. Ameera Beegom J  Assistant Professor M.Tech 9605238271 ameeracs@gmail.com
6 Smt. Jooby.E Assistant Professor M.Tech 9496555827 joobye44@gmail.com
7 Smt. Devi Dath Assistant Professor M.Tech 9447342666 devinirmal05@gmail.com
8 Smt. Mili Mohan Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9995080077 milimohan76@gmail.com
9 Sri. Sreeraj Varma.J Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9447790162 svarma66@gmail.com
10 Smt. Anoopa.S Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9447645017 anoopasumej@gmail.com
11 Smt. Jovi Joseph Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9961843453 jovijerry.02@gmail.com
12 Sri. Anison Abraham Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9995123886 anisonabraham@gmail.com
13 Smt. Saranya.R.S Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9497455854 saranyars5854@gmail.com
14 Smt. Anuja Kunjumon Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 8547687808 anujakunjumon123@gmail.com
15 Smt. Achu Mariyan John Assistant Professor (Adhoc/Contract) M.Tech 9447581321 achumjohn@gmail.com
Ph.D*-Pursuing Part Time Ph.D
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CSE Technical Staff

Sl No. NAME Designation Mobile E-Mail
1 Smt.Roshni J Philip Computer Programmer 9995225085 roshnijphilip@gmail.com
2 Sri.Sajeer.S Instructor Gr II (Hardware ) 9847525885 sajeerknpy@gmail.com
3 Smt.Nirmala.G Trade Instructor Gr II 9744673314 nirmalathade@gmail.com
4 Sri.Arun .C.Pillai Tradesman 9895463735 acppanmana@gmail.com
5 Smt .Divya Sasidharan Tradesman 8947226523 divyas018@gmail.com

    College of Engineering Perumon
    Perinad P O, Kollam Dist,
    Kerala State, India,
    Pin - 691601
Telephone :  0474 2550500,0474 2550400
Fax              : 04742550400
Email          : principal@perumonec.ac.in

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