College Profile

College of Engineering Perumon

Time: 10:10 am, 12 March 2000

Location: Perumon, Kerala, India

The College of Engineering Perumon was started during the year 2000 under the Co-operative Academy of Professional Education (Kerala) Society, which was formed to establish Educational Institutions in various professional fields to provide facilities for and promote education and training, Research and Development, Consultancy and related services of International standards. The society is promoted by Co-operation Department of Govt. of Kerala and is an autonomous body under the Govt. of Kerala. The society was registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955 on the basis of the Memorandum of Association and the rules as approved by the Govt. of Kerala (Reg. No .T 608 of 1999).

The Chief Minister of Kerala (Ex-Officio) is the Chairman and Minister for Co-operation in the State (Ex-officio) Vice Chairman. The Secretary, Co-operation Department, Govt. of Kerala, the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Govt. of Kerala, the Managing Director Kerala State Co-operative Bank Ltd. Trivandrum, the Director of technical Education, the Director of Medical Education (all Ex-officio), one eminent expert in Technical Education (Non official member) nominated by the State Govt., one eminent expert in Medical Education (Non official member) nominated by the State Govt. one industrialist (Non official member) in the region to be nominated by the State Govt., the President Kerala State Co-operative Bank Ltd. Trivandrum (Ex-officio) the Presidents of 14 District Co-operative Banks in Kerala (Ex-officio) are members of the society. Member secretary is the Director of the Society (Ex-officio).The Society has a Board of Governors with the Minister in charge of Co-operation as Chairman. Members in the Society are also Members in the Board of Governors. The general superintendence, direction and control of the affairs of the Society and of its income and property shall be vested in the Board of Governors. In addition, there is an Executive Committee with the Minister in charge of Co-operation as Chairman and 6 members and the Director of the Academy as member Secretary.

The Institution under CAPE are to function on a no profit no loss basis, a system upheld by the Supreme Court of India and found ideal for adoption by other States. The AICTE has also accorded approval for the conduct of the courses in this Institution. The State Govt. have issued sanction for the conduct of the five courses in B.Tech degree in this institution and the Cochin University of Science and Technology to which it is academically accredited has given the necessary recognition. Now it is affiliated to KTU. The college offers Engineering courses in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and PG course(M-Tech) in Computer & Information Science. Admission to all the seats in this institution was through the Central Counseling by the Govt. of Kerala. Candidates admitted are those allotted by the commissioner of Entrance Examinations, Kerala based on the Common Entrance Examination to professional courses of the respective years applying the principles of mandatory reservation. For academic year 60% seats are treated as free seats and filled by the allotment of Commissioner of Entrance Examinations and out of the balance 35% Management Quota is allotted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examination and 5% NRI is filled up by the CAPE. For the Management Quota also, mandatory reservation principles, eligibility rules and fees are as prescribed by Govt.of Kerala Affiliated University.

The Institution is affiliated to Cochin University of Science and Technolgy (CUSAT) which is one of the prestigious university in India.The AICTE has also accorded approval for the conduct of the courses in this Institution.

The Institution has a full fledged Training & Placement Cell (TPC) which dedicates itself to help students to develop their personality and establish their careers. The activites of TPC includes preparing the students to face Competitive Examinations and Interviews through intensive training. TPC is constantly in touch with companies and offers all facilities for conducting recruitment.

Dr. Z A Zoya, Woking as Principal from May 25th 2012