Time: 10:10 am, 12 March 2000

Location: Perumon, Kerala, India

College of Engineering Perumon established an Alumni Association and the main aim of the Assoiciation is to promote and foster interaction amongst the Alumni, Faculty and present Students and to raise the collge at different levels and also help fellow Alumni through various initiatives. It was also formed with a view to keep the silken threads of the attachments between the old students and the Institution.

The Objectives of the Association

Executive Committee 2017-18

Sl. No. Name Desination Email Address Phone No
01 Dr Z A Zoya (Principal CEP) President 9447150400
02 Sri. Ayappa Raj Chairman 9447997804
03 Smt Surya S R Chairman 9446556505
04 Sri.Suhail Vice Chairman 9539967600
05 Sri. Sidhik A Vice Chairman 9995448313
06 Sri. Subramanian. S. V Secretary 9496800315
07 Smt. Ameera Beegom. J Secratary 9605238271
08 Smt Rekha T Treasurer 9497776509
09 Sri. Mohammed Ziya Executive Member 9400492025
10 Sri. Zacharia Executive Member 9986015475
11 Smt. Dhanya M Executive Member 9447013719
12 Smt. Manju J Executive Member 9747812882
13 Sri. Amjad A Executive Member 9895553889
14 Smt. Sajantha Executive Member 9886284131
15 Sri. Anand Executive Member 9645358750
16 Sri Yathu Executive Member 8156809047