CEP Applied Science and Humanties Department Faculty

Applied Science and Humanties Department

Department Faculties

Sl No. Photo Name Desination Email ID
01 Smt Smitha R Assistant Professor - Maths
02 Sri Riju S Kumar Assistant Professor - Maths
03 Smt Devika C S Assistant Professor - Maths
04 Dr Abdul Salim Ad-Hoc Professor in Physics
05 DrD Shobhana Ad-Hoc Professor in Chemistry
06 Smt Hridya S Ad-Hoc Asssitant Professor in Physics
07 Smt Resna Prem Ad-Hoc Asssstant Professor in Chemistry
08 Smt Dhanya S Vijayan Ad-Hoc Assistant Professor in Mathematics
09 Smt Souparnika A Ad-Hoc Assistant Professor in Communicative English
10 Dr. Sunil Kumar S Adhoc Assistant Professor in Physical Education

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