A women's foroum is functioning with in the Centralised Student's Grievance redressal Cell, as per the direction of the Govt of kerala for taking up issues related to the women seperately. The foroum consists of the following members. 

Sl No. Name of the Member Department Position Contact No.
1 Mrs.Shemeena M Electronics & Communication Engineering Convenor 9446382096
2 Mrs.Soumya K S Information Technology Member 8547359491
3 Mrs.Sony.R Mechanical Engineering Member 9447865695
4 Miss.Rani Jacob Electronics & Communication Engineering Member(Student Representative) -

Responsibilities :

  • Create and maintain safe, healthy and supportive environment for women and girl students in the campus.
  • Address issues faced by women at work place and to organize awareness generation programmes and to take preventive steps towards protection of women staff / female students from sexual harassment in the college.
  • Act as Inquiry Authority on a complaint of sexual harassment.
  • Ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  • Take proactive measures towards sensitization of the staff, students and faculty members of College of Engineering Perumon on gender issues.
  • The members to be vigilant all the time and ensure that there is no such incident taking place in campus by creating awareness and having an open dialogue with all the students.

2.Co-operative Society

      Co-operative society of College of Engineering Perumon (Co-operative society Ltd. No R-234) is functioning near to the entrance of the college main building. The society supplies text books, practical manuals, note books, laboratory records, drawing instruments, surveying instruments and other stationary articles needed for the students, staff and other Government institutions, with discount rates. 
       The staff and students of the college are members of the society. The functioning of the society is governed by a Director Board which consists of 5 staff members and 1 student members. The principal of the college is the president of the society.
Board of Directors of the co-operative society:

Sl No. Name of the Member Position
1 Dr Z A Zoya ( Principal ) President
2 Mr. Venu P ( TM in EEE ) Secretary
3 Mrs. Dhanya M (AP in ECE) Member
4 Mrs. Sujarani(AP in IT) Member
5 Mrs. Roshni Philip(CO) Member
6 Mr. Vinod Kumar T Member
7 Mr. Arun Krishnan Student Representative


      College uses an academic software for recording academic activities. The web portal is www.prnassistant.org . Parents can monitor the academic data of their ward through the login username and password provided for them. The academic data includes attendance, internal marks, assignment marks, university marks etc. Parents shall contact respective class advisor’s/ tutors for getting username and password and also in case any difficulty in logging in the software. teachers enter the attendance immediately after engaging a period. Also the marks of the internal exams, assignments etc are entered after evaluation, so that parents can view them through their log-in. Attendance , marks etc of students will be send as sms to parents. Parents are advised to contact Class advisor’s/tutors in case they do not get the sms properly. 
Click Hereto login.


      A full-fledged canteen is functioning within the campus for convenience of the staff and students (Both Regular and Part Time).Staff and students of the college can now enjoy good food without burning a hole in their pockets, at the canteen managed by the  Kudumbasree Unit of Panayam Grama Panjayath . Cake, ‘Kozhukkatta’ and ‘Vazhakkappam’ are the main items on the menu at the canteen at the campus, apart from noon meals . Meals will be parcelled as well. Vegetarian lunch will cost Rs. 35 and lunch with fish curry will cost Rs. 50. 
      The canteen will operate from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. , will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner( for students) along with light snacks, including steamed items. Both outlets will be operated by specially trained women staff, who have been selected from employees of the various Kudumbasree units.                                           

5.Staff Club

      A staff club is functioning to facilitate improvement of the cultural and academic activities among the teaching staff of the college. It serves as the plat form for the interaction between the different departments as well as with the former professors of the college and their family. Staff club is involved in co-coordinating activities of common interest among the teaching staff. 
      It conducts Onam fest for the staff with athapookalam competition among the departments. Christmas celebrations are also there with crib making and party. Apart from the celebrations it conducts innovative talks and short term training programmers for the staff. Every year there will be a sent off programme for the retiring faculty members.                              


      The Committee for Reforms in Technical Education under the chairmanship of Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Madras, has been constituted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) with a mandate to bring about comprehensive reforms in technical education. Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE) Program is sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India through IIT Madras. 
      QEEE is Direct to Student interactive program with an aim to integrate superior external scholastic inputs into current learning and pedagogical practices. The program consists of five modules planned to be delivered through an educational platform (software/hardware) developed for this purpose. These modules are: 

  • Live Lectures: Live classes are Direct to Student interactive program with the teacher. Students are to attend these live classes as the lectures are being delivered by the IIT professors who have been rated best continuously for three years by the IIT students. These Live lectures will create an environment of classroom. 
  • Tutorials: Enable tutorials by IIT Faculty, supervised by local instructors, provide more engaging experience to students via Live Chat/Video/White board 
  • Virtual Labs: Labs in virtual environment to provide practical learning experience to students and run locally at institutes at designated times. E-labs too will be the part of the larger plan which will also include real time online access to experiments conducted at the top five labs. The plan will also comprise of e-books and the vocational augmentation courses. 
  • Bridge Programs: Courses for students to bridge the gaps and enhance their all round development towards employability. 
  • MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses):Subject-wise Recommended MOOCs from multiple providers.
  • As part of the QEEE Live classes, the Live Lecture Series for the Engineering students has started on 27.07.2014. The live lectures will cover 4 courses covering the courses related to ECE, EEE, CSE, IT. Each course will be taught for 15 hours.

7.Internet Facilities

      College provides internet and intranet facilities to all users in the institute. For the network services, centre has the high end computational servers on which accounts are given to students, staff and faculty of the departments. College of Engineering Perumon has an extensive fiber optic network over the whole campus routed and Managed by UTM appliances. 
      The college computing facilities are also used for conducting various online tests. Online Journals like IEEE, Springer etc are available in the Computer Center. The Computer Center is open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days and caters the needs of all staffs and students of the college. 
     The institute has a 24 X 7 Wi-Fi facility in the college campus for the students and faculty members to avail internet connection at any place in the college. It provides students the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, up/down loading of web based applications and helps them in preparing projects & seminars presentations.
Click here for Wireless Access Authorisation Form 

Internet Usage Policy:

  • Do not download the file(s)/images/videos/songs that bulk in size or which contain material of a Pornographic, racist or extreme political nature, or which incites violence, hatred or any illegal activity.
  • Do not download content(s) from Internet sites unless it is related to your work.
  • Do not download free unlicensed software from the Internet and install it upon the Organization’s computer equipment.
  • Do not use the Organization’s computers to make unauthorized entry into any other computer or network.
  • Do not disrupt or interfere with other computers or network users, services, or equipment. Intentional disruption of the operation of computer systems and networks is a crime. Do not reset or power-off any machine.
  • Do not represent yourself as another person. Do not share your password .Do not lock the Screen unless you are sure to come back in 5 minutes. You should log out, if you are leaving the screen for a longer period.
  • Do not use Internet access to transmit confidential, political, obscene, threatening, or harassing materials.
  • Do not forget to log out when left unattended for more than 5 mins, to prevent any misuse.
  • Do not attach and transmit files (or programs) through email which contains Illegal/unauthorized materials

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    Kerala State, India,
    Pin - 691601
Telephone :  0474 2550500,0474 2550400
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Email          : principal@perumonec.ac.in